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Host of the TV show Millionaire 411 on FOX and CTV Learn High-Powered Wealth Strategies from Douglas Vermeeren

Featured in Motivated Magazine        

About Douglas Vermeeren: Host of the TV Show Millionaire 411 on fox and CTV, CEO of the Monthly Millionaire Mentor, Author of Self-Made Millionaires for Dummies, Guerrilla Millionaire, The Millionaire Myth, Millionaire Wisdom and The Millionaire Frequency.


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I - Your First Million is on the Way $189
  • How are you spending your money? The number one indicator of whether or not you’ll be rich.
  • Is Money Happiness? Overcoming negative beliefs about money?
  • 3 Kinds of millionaires - Structure for Success
  • 4 Keys to attracting more money that anyone can apply.
  • Evaluating investments and getting started.
  • How to find the right opportunities to grow your money.
  • Why Now is the best time to become rich.

I - Your First Million is on the Way - $189

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

II - Financial Freedom can be yours $189
  • Why you want financial freedom now.
  • What is your financial freedom number and why you need to know it.
  • Onward to financial abundance.
  • Importance of MSI.
  • Creating or finding good MSI Opportunities.
  • Money Game Changers.
  • Financial Freedom has arrived, What next?
  • The process of building your empire.
  • Establishing correct habits and expectations.

II - Financial Freedom can be yours - $189

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

III - Make Money without Money Part I $239
  • Can money be made without money?
  • OPM What is it? WHere can you find it?
  • How to get other people involved and why they want in.
  • How to structure deals that work.
  • Where do find people ready to play.
  • Getting the money from their hands to yours.

III - Make Money without Money Part I -$239

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

IV - Make Money without money Part II $239
  • No money no Problem.
  • Effective borrowing and leveraging strategies for growth.
  • Where, when and how to do it right.
  • Leveraging specific assets.
  • Dangers and cautions.
  • Decreasing liability and risk.

IV - Make Money without money Part II -$239

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

V - Why wealth Building is a team sport $189
  • Why you need a team
  • Who should be on your team.
  • How your team can help you make money.
  • How to delegate effectively when money is involved.
  • Managing growth and managing the team.
  • Avoiding disaster.
  • Getting and evaluating advice.
  • Being the leaders and making the cash.

V - Why wealth Building is a team sport -$189

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

VI - Escape from Debt $189
  • How most people get into debt
  • How to get out of debt as quickly as possible.
  • Good debt versus bad debt.
  • Making your escape without getting hurt.
  • New thoughts on spending strategies.
  • The cash control.
  • The replacement victory.
  • Working with creditors.

VI - Escape from Debt -$189

Platinum Program All Modules & Bonuses - $997

Bonuses you get when you take advantage of the Platinum Program

Create Wealth Today! Bonus DVD. In this live presentation you’ll learn 3 things that will instantly put you on the path to greater prosperity and wealth. You’ll also learn a few things that you may be doing right now that may be costing you money. A $35 dollar value - Yours Free with the Platinum Program.

5 Essentials to Becoming a Money Magnet. Money doesn’t fall into place and it doesn’t just show up. But there are several ways you can draw it into your life. You’ll learn that in this Audio CD. A $25 value - Yours Free with the Platinum Program

The Millionaire Evening - LIVE EVENT TICKET Join us at The Millionaire Evening event at any of the locations in the world. You can call us at 1-877-393-9496 to find an event near you. At this event you will join me live and explore some incredible tools to totally change your financial future. A $99 value - Yours Free with the Platinum Program

What are people saying about our programs?

A captivating speaker with so many great insights. Doug is definitely destined to become one of this generations leaders in personal development.

Bob Doyle - Creator of the Wealth Beyond Reason Program and featured teacher in The Secret

Doug Vermeeren knows what he is talking about. He's dynamic and wise and definiely worth listening to.

Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author and featured teacher in The Secret

Doug’s mind is the most brilliant out of the box tool you your business could have. The quick simple tweaks he sees that you don't create massive massive results.

Kyle Cease #1 Place Winner, Comedy Central Stand-up Showdown Actor (10 things I hate about you, Not another teen movie)

Douglas Vermeeren really knows what he is talking about and will make an incredible difference for you.

Frank Maguire, Co-Founder of FedEx

I'm being coached By Doug Vermeeren. I'm invigorated! He's really helped me figure out a new company we are doing. He's great!

Louie Anderson, Legendary comedian

Doug is truly a “go giver” and what you will learn from his principles and acting on them will not only change your life and make you a better and more successful person they will also help you to be a more happy individual as you go through life.

Richard "Jaws" Kiel, Actor, Writer, and Film Director

I have seen dozens of the very best motivational/inspirational speakers around the globe and hands down, Doug ranks in the top!

Gail Boone Founding & Advisory Board Member Jeunesse Global

The tips for success, and the hands on approach are unsurpassed. I am more sure of my success now than ever before.

Kathleen Johnson, BA, AICI, POC, President & CEO R.I.M

In a half hour meeting with Doug Vermeeren (CEO of Monthly Millionaire Mentor), I went from laughing at the idea of being able to make a million dollars in a year to jumping out of my seat and racing home to start putting our ideas to work and making them a reality. Doug helped me look past my limitations that I thought I had and made me realize I did have the resources to make this happen. We are launching our new idea in less than a month and I can not wait to write my next testimonial about how it is working. I know this is going to be my most successful venture yet. It's a no-fail idea!

Aleesha Gosling - Owner of The Newsy Neighbor Magazine

We are not taught how to make money, let alone be millionaires. Unless it is a traditional form of making money we are taught to be weary. This is an empowering opportunity to build a legacy using your own skills and talents.

Amber Yuzwak, Ubberubs Inc

He has brilliant information and delivers it in a concise, energetic and content driven way. He is able to teach a lot of content in a short amount of time, with action steps you can run with instantly.

Maria Wheldon

Financial information isn't always fun or funny to deliver, but Doug made it feel like both with a serious topic. Powerful stuff.

Kellie Frazier

I have learned form the first Napoleon Hill and now I am learning form the second. His pace was quick, and so he packed an enormous amount of incredibly useful information into a short space of time. He was both educational and entertaining. Thank you Doug. I give you my highest recommendation.

Carlton Buller

I have never seen or heard anybody deliver a message with more enthusiasm and confidence than you Doug. Wow, I don't think you can hold it back even if you tried :). Talk about being One with your message. It is all there, ready to be shared, with your love, joy and inspiration. thank you.

Pernilla Lillirose

I was profoundly inspired to bring my business to an even higher level of service and productivity. Thank you!

Michelle Manning-Kogle

His ability to provide good content with a clear message is enthralling. He outlined key points about wealth creation in a way that was clear and understandable.

Ingrid Geronimo

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! That is the only I can think of to describe Douglas Vermeeren. I have been following him and his teachings for quite some time and hands down there is no one that is offering this kind of content today. If you get the chance to have him speak or teach at one of your events take advantage of this opportunity. You won't regret it.

Kendra Powell

I was really looking forward to what Doug had to bring to the table based on his previous experiences. To say the least he definitely blew my expectations away! I love that it was not only informative but it was factual based with real life examples. Information that you can apply in the real world. I'm still re-reading my notes!

Chris Gowing

It was refreshing learning from Douglas Vermeeren. So many people give you a few tidbits and not a lot of substance....Not Douglas! The 3 Keys and 2 accelerators he gave us will make a huge difference in our businesses. Thank-you Douglas!

Pernilla Lillirose

I am so confident that my materials will change your financial future that I unconditionally guarantee that these materials will put you on course for your financial goals immediately or I will refund your money in full.

Limited Time Offer

Take advantage of the Platinum Program Save $237 and get an additional $290 in Bonuses A $527 advantage for YOU!

All Modules & Bonuses

Only $997